Thursday, April 12, 2018

Silicon Valley Comic Con : Videos !

Yesterday, I shared some of the photos of the people outside the Comic Con (standing in a line). Today I will share some of the videos I took while inside the Comic Con.
Sorry, no video of Stan Lee wizzing by on his scooter !

R2D2 Was Working The Crowds

NASA Was AWESOME I never ever thought about how air traffic works and this is how

Artists like David that are local make the SV Comic Con more hometown event
Here is some pics too
 Mads Mikkelson was on hand all three days

If you didn't get a funko pop you didn't go to SVCC

 Retro Games was a highlight for everyone

The Vendors, Authors, Storytellers, Actors all were impressive and kind. It was a great event and I recommend it for next year.

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