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Here is a repost from a few years ago. To be honest I can not go outside without sunscreen as I found age spots and other things I just know better so here is a repost about sunscreen products I encourage everyone to use...

Monday, August 31, 2015

Sunscreen Comparison

My relationship with the sun is a tepid one given I totally promote the vigorous chasing of said deity. If not for Vitamin D and the incessant publication of health being tan thin bodies I really don't think I would be so frugal in my relationship.

I usually wear long sleeves and sunglasses and long pants but with an expected El Nino winter I don't invest in sunscreen EXCEPT this year ..
A combination of working out and a great pair of shorts has helped me be less white and more beige complete with a farmers' tan on my arms.

In vain effort to prevent the horrid burn and peel I have some Sunscreens. The first one is the Banana Boat Cool Zone spray
Now the only problem with the spray is the fact I can miss spots on my body and when i miss spots those spots get red so far this does do the job I just am lousy at spraying all over.

Next I got a Coola sample in my Birchbox

Now I appreciate travel and trial sizes and I love love the packaging for this. I also appreciate the healthy products but the sample was a little too small to do my whole body just my face and the fluid like texture of what I thought was cream didn't seem to "adhere" to my skin like I prefer because I sweat.

Finally, I got a sample of Supergoop which is usually very very good go to sunscreen in part because of their ingredients
Pic from the loveofgloss

I adore the texture of the cream was thick and it adhered to my skin. The Sample was small but I was able to apply it pretty much to my face and neck and have it "stick".

Now I sweat alot and I sweat from everywhere there is hair so I have to reapply sunscreen about every 45 minutes to prevent a burn and on the day I go to test these out I went on a 12 mile walk in 90 degree temperature in shorts and a shirt carrying my gym bag with me.
Thus before I left the house I sprayed my legs and arms with banana boat and put the coola on but I have used it all up now on my face and part of my neck.

I head out and as if on time 45 minutes later I take the spray back out and spray my legs even though I am in and out of the sun I can feel the sun burn some cellulite.

Now I am post workout at gym I break out the Supergoop and super happy a dot covers a lot as I spread it around. I also take the spray to my wet hair and arms as I still have my neck with remaining liquid coola.

I should note that the temperature didn't reach into my gym bag as nothing felt warm or hot so the Supergoop and Coola maintained their respective consistency.

I head back out in the heat and tempted to catch a movie but I'd rather grab a movie at home via Hulu or Amazon for less than a bucket of popcorn at the cineplex. I also do a quick price check for sunscreen at a few spots and realize the big deal I am getting with Birchbox, Ipsy, Bulu and Amazon goes a lot farther than a quick fix of going to the store.

I was really surprised to see some stores carrying Supergoop but at about 3x the price online. I haven't found Coola except at specialty makeup counters for 3x as much as online.

The Banana boat is everywhere but I like travel size that I found for under $3 which again fits perfectly in my Go Bag.

Now on to what I am going to take on trip later this year ...probably the SuperGoop pack  just because it fits the go bag mantra

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