Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Travel Basics By Me

Right now, I have a set of friends, acquaintances, and relations traveling the entire United States from Coachella to New York. Its nice to be social but I am finding I am a bit more than just a friend to these people.

I am the freaking Walking First Aid/Safety/Know-It-All with them.

Aside from getting guilt tripped for not going to a dust bowl or dropping everything to help them travel with an 8 week old puppy ( let's repeat that: help traveling with an eight week old puppy ??) I have learned my special place in this world.

Aside from being mature enough to realize I can't stay up past 10PM without a 4pm Nap, I apparently have the innate ability to have every possible remedy to any ailment possible with me. I kid you not, I do have Ipecac in my first aid kit along with AZO, four ( not one ) but 4 different ice packs and the literal assortment of bandaids. Yet, I am still able to trip over my own feet at any given time or place.

So here is just a quick basics for traveling by me.

  • Extra Shoelaces: I kid you not, having a blow up pillow, extra shoelaces, and paperclips have more on one occasion been utilized. Seriously, think about the oddest thing you would need on your trip and pack it ...this includes hair ties and rubber bands ( these are two separate things ). 
  • Allergy, Cough, Cold, Foot Creams : Again, you would think I have an entire medicine cabinet on my back but low and behold I usually just throw in a couple of push packs of basics in the first aid kit. The tube of foot cream comes in handy when you think you may be walking (FOREVER) to your destination. 
  • Passport : Camping in Yosemite you would think you just have your ID card or Driver's license that was before you lost your wallet river rafting. Putting your Passport in your luggage, first aid kit will become your id when you apparently return to civilization ( just 3 minutes from the park entrance ).
  • Toothbrush, Magnifying Glass, Waterproof Matches : Go to Dollar Tree and grab these items and put them in your travel/ER bag now. I was able to utilize a toothbrush holder into breaking into a locker where all our stuff was. A magnifying glass for reading the smallest map known to mankind, and Waterproof Matches because it will rain and most likely while you have not a lot of shelter. 
  • Battery chargers : Go to any trade show and you will find someone with a portable phone charger complete with their logo on it. This will be helpful whether you are standing in line or just trying to pass the time. Honestly, my phone battery no longer holds a charge so these come in handy especially if you think you are in a horror movie. 
I admit it took me a good couple of times before I realized I was never very far away from civilization to get my Emergency kit down to a comfortable weight and size. Seriously, take 10 minutes while you pack are you going to be without access to food, water and shelter during your trip for any extended period of time? No, relax then because the first time I went to Yosemite, the Playa, or Santa Barbara I had a dedicated suitcase of just emergency clothes and items in case any Mayan Calendar like event was going to happen ...and I mean the LARGE Suitcase. 

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