Friday, April 27, 2018

Travel Pain

Some of you may know from my Twitter feed (@SwimPatricia) I have tweaked my left knee this is not a great omen for my need to walk everywhere. Equally, from a twitter convo I had you may have read where some "friends" whom were attending Coachella had a few unfortunate run ins.

What do you do when suddenly in the midst of dancing around you twist your ankle or worse get 5 stitches to your body because you mixed it up with an unruly individual.

Usually, I would say call me. That first aid kit usually has a ton of self defense moves and the police on speed dial.
Instead you end up at the Emergency Room paying $500 for an X-Ray and some ointment. This is why there is Travelers Insurance . Even if you are in the same state as your carrier but you are out of your coverage area you may end up finding no available service until after the Concert or worse you end your trip to come home early to find the same information because its Midnite.

First, check in with your current Medical Insurance before you travel out of the area or to another continent. Second, just like with your plane ticket purchasing $30 more of travel guarantee insurance can save you money later because that "fee" allows you to run back home a week early to see your favorite orthopedic doctor. Third, see the benefits your Credit Card offers from travel to emergency funds you might find that you are covered or eligible for some global protection.

Finally, know where you are going just because Coachella can be seen as a desert its not completely off the grid because the City of Indio, CA was not far nor was Palm Springs, CA exactly 10 to 30 minutes civilization was nearby complete with an Police Depatment, Medical Centers and a Trader Joes. Even when you head to the borders of California you can find three things 1) A Pharmacy from Walgreens to CVS there is a pharmacy 2) A Gas/ Food hybrid Hotel station ( I do not kid here ) whether it was La Quinta or Mcdonalds / Starbucks Chevron it will have something for your wound. 3) An Medical Type Building whether Dental, Optometry, or Dialysis Care it will be there ready to help you.

From trying to rinse out an eye full of dust to a broken toe accidents happen on travel and knowing you are covered is probably the best thing to acknowledge loudly.

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