Thursday, April 5, 2018


Its not hard I am sure, but I can not figure out the Instagram thing and trust me I am watching YouTube Videos and subscribing to newsletters. I am sure once I figure it out or the app doesn't eat my memory space I will blast away at it.

In the meantime I still have Pinterest  and my latest obsession of WAFFLES ...

These photos remind me to do my blogging ...
 The simple yet completely amazing Strawberry Waffle with Whipped Cream good
 Okay this looks like the same Banana Waffle with Coffee but believe it or not its actually different times and different amounts ...crazy right.

I readily admit that yes ...yes I have gotten so crazy to get a simple strawberry and banana waffle but because I am trying to get better and lower my sugar level I got a plain one day ..I can not tell you how disappointed I was there was no Whipped Cream on it.

Oh Don't Worry I will be posting more waffles ...there is a banana bacon one I am waiting to eat ...that is apparently the limit of my patience.

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