Thursday, May 10, 2018

Ten A List of Ten ....Travel ?

The theory if you break down big projects into bite size lists, bits, or compartments you will be able to tackle the entire larger project in no time.

So here is a list of ten things I need to do or admit to in order to complete a travel project.

1) Get a Passport. Really, I nearly got one three years ago and this is simply getting a photo, taking $150 and filling out a form. why I have not done this is beyond me. One reason I think is because of the batshiet crazy psuedo dictator that was supposedly elected to the office of the president of the united states and that person literally scares the beejezus out of me. Which is again another reason I should get the passport so I can leave the country, right? So Far NOPE.

2) Save Money. I have a reminder on my phone every Sunday that goes off at 4pm to remind me to save $25 (Twenty-Five US Dollars). Only twice have I actually saved that much money in the past two years I have had that alert. Do I need more alerts or more money?

3) Fix Left Knee. Admittedly, this is a recent development where I planted my left knee and proceeded to hurt myself in the process. Granted, I am not planning to go to Steph Curry's Basketball Camp anytime soon but, I like to walk ( a lot! ). So, making MRI appointments is done and now I just have to wait for the real diagnoses from a medical professional because Brain Surgery is easy.

4) Make Time to Travel. My travel is limited to two holidays : Columbus Day and St. Patrick's Day. The in between times are not really planned holidays. I have spent the off season as my travel time which means I miss out on things like Coachella and Kentucky Derby and Fall in New York. So, getting out of my comfort zone is needed.

5) Stop being cheap. I admit I am one person traveling as one person so my costs usually are around 25% what my cohorts pay because they are buying two tickets ( four for a family ). Spending more in hotel, food, entertainment. I basically have more spending money and its great to help out said cohorts but I have to save money but I could spend more. ( Aside from $250 for MRI the most I spent on recent travel was the $400 for the rental car I am super the cheap )

6) Grown Up Luggage. I admit I have a backpack, Go Bag, and one small overnight case as my luggage. I schlep like a college student where the college student has matching, hard case luggage and looks professional. Trust me, once you are over 40 you gotta get Grown Up Luggage.

7) AirBnB It.  I admit my hotel adoration is one of being frugal at best. I could simply enjoy a week long vacation if I stayed in a nice home opposed to staying 4th Night Free! This simple service has proven to be a more appealing option to spending time in a hotel room flipping thru channels.

8) Do a Cruise. I have psychosis being stuck in large groups with my body size. While I go to the gym or do Fitness Blender. I could enjoy a cruise with friends just as well and these are reasonable. Plus, Alaska! Who Does Not Want To Go To Alaska.

9) Get a Decent Camera. My Olympus Tough is fine but its not the best for taking photos. This may actually entail me taking a course in picture taking at the local community center but, I have to invest in a decent camera ( No, I am not getting an Apple Phone I abhor those with a passion)

10) Do this List! I actually wrote this list down with pen and paper posting it on my bedroom door with the faith and hope and belief that I will accomplish this list in the next six months. Which is not hard to do but, I do have to do it.

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