Sunday, May 6, 2018

Travel Costs...all of them ?

When I was booking for a trip recently I was Wow'd by the Savings I thought I was making.

Lo and Behold I can not budget for the life of me. Seriously, I forgot about parking garages costing money and that is actual cash not just the surcharge for using a credit card.

I was off by nearly $600. Seriously, for me that is alot and don't get me started on Easter Weekend Fun- it wasn't.

Item Advertised CostsActual Cost
Car Rental $200.00$400.00deposit + rental
Hotel Room $134 a night$195 a nightincidental + plus room
4 Meals $40 pp$65 pp Bar Tab + Plates
Gas$80$120Holiday Weekend Prices
Trinkets $20 from blogger$45 On SaleAdvertisement helped Buzz
ER Funds$100$350Actual ER Visit
Time Spent 4 days2 nights 3 DaysSee ER Funds

While the car and hotel incidental deposit did come back 3 business days later it was too late to celebrate the funds as the money had to go into care and comfort of the ER attendee.

I am looking at taking a jaunt this weekend if just to say Hi! To a Dear Friend of Mine and get in some more travel logging, plus I can read on the trip. Its incredibly tempting to do it but, then reality sets in. I could rent a car, get a hotel room stay out and spend more money and time. Oops! There it is gas tank $100, extra meal $35 plus tip, and do not forget to get Trinkets...must have trinket !

Lastly, I did not add in Time. As it is I don't charge others for my travel but I consider what my time is worth. I figure I am worth $300 a day or $45 an hour. Spending 3 hours on a train that is $135 am I saving money spending that amount of time or wasting money ? Is the activity worthwhile to do ? Also, I have spent nearly half of my daily value.

The option is that I can also save the money for a bigger and more luxurious event in 6 months and just spend $1200 on the hotel room alone. That does not include Food, Rental Car, or Trinkets. I am seriously considering it.

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