Friday, June 1, 2018

Update on Blog

Dear Reader,

The problem with blogging for me is the Real World. The world where talking about Christmas travel is horrible when a mother loses a child to senseless violence.

That does not mean I don't travel or have things to share about travel or how you spend your day off. I feel insensitive promoting travel when the world appears to be going insane.

I was informed by a very good Marketing friend of mine that when my blog gathers dust it shows I do not care.

I do care.

Maybe too much.

I do not want to think about the horrible events but there it is another shooting another earthquake Puerto Rico without power still.

There is so much to share about how to help and make that difference in the world while you travel.

Then it hits again, I go to the doctor for that and then I attend an event for this so, before I know it 17 days have past.

Sometimes, I am lost for words and other times I know a friend whom traveled to watch the Royal Wedding and still couldn't believe she didn't get a better deal on a hotel room.

Now, Summer is here and I want to go play but, the reality is my knee hurts and I have responsibilities to me and to you my reader.

I will get back here ....just not today.


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