Saturday, July 28, 2018

Homeless On Vacation

If you are not aware I live in California, you know the state on Fire - Literally. There are three major (30K Acres each) wildfires in the state right now. One has eliminated a complete town another has made a whole town evacuate and that doesn't even cover the little ones (10K Acres or less) that further strain the already overburdened CalFire System.

Yosemite has been evacuated but one thing aside from tourist that would be staying in the park is the homeless that have also been evacuated from the parks edge. If you don't know but most camping grounds around the San Francisco Bay Area is a default location for people without homes to camp. A week long campsite is cheaper than hotel room with nightly rates around $35 each nite. You can easily lease an RV and go campground to campground up and down the state staying for mere $1050 complete with a mobile kitchen too.

After the fires last year that went thru Santa Rosa dozens of people were shuffling around space to space praying for rain as the Fire raged on with unparalleled destruction

If you can imagine it, its happened to these people that are victims of circumstance out of their control.

Here some ways to help: Ventura 
Lake County 

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