Friday, July 20, 2018

Is It Safe To Travel?

Hi Dear Readers, I know its' been a while since my last blog post
and part of the reason is the vile discord in the world today doesn't make me want to get out there and say
"Look! Come Visit Here!" Aside from costs and time and energy, traveling should above all else be fun.
Yes, Travel is an escape from the vitirole on Social Media but, ...

Where would you go ? From bank cards being hacked to accidents tying up the freeways, Can you still safely travel to The Hamptons or a Concert?

Push aside the digital concerns and you are left with an E-Coli outbreak for salads or a Fire shutting down roadways and don't forget the airlines updating their software to conveniently lose your reservation.

Then there is travel because you have to and work requires it. As much as you try to squeeze into a getaway courtesy of that Product Launch. You still worry about the 12 Soccer boys in a Cave.

So, Is It Safe To Travel?


Now, more than ever you can utilize tour companies wisely and take a cruise everywhere.
Travel to Cuba and maybe even happily go to China and walk the Great Wall.

While I admit for myself I have been stuck a little bit in my own world that should not stop anyone from going exploring it because what is free will for but to go out and see the World?

Editor note: Thanks to unsplash  for great photos to use

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