Friday, July 6, 2018

#Let'sVisit : RedBicycle

If you do follow me on Twitter @SwimPatricia you know I am horribly infatuated with @RedBicycle. So, I asked him 5 Questions !

1. What kind of tour would you take me on in Vermont? The Champlain islands 

2. Where is your favorite spot to go on date night?  I don’t date

3. Favorite spot for a picnic?  Mount Mansfield

4. Favorite outdoor music event / venue (yes it can be shakespear ) ?                                                          Burlington Waterfront

 5. When can I visit you?   I’ll be in Maine in a week and again in August

Of course I told him what we would do if he #COMEVISITME 
1: A quick local tour of all the Poet Laureates in residence here in OZ from Oakland on BART we can visit the College Campuses and check in with REED Magazine at SJSU. 

My 2nd is simply The Blue Chip its a sports bar but we could end up on the Santa Cruz Wharf after we rented bikes and cruised West Cliff Drive

 3. Favorite spot for a picnic right now Cesar Chavez Park bc I can't walk up Cardiac Hill in Quicksilverpark 

4. We'd end up in Campbell for Jazz on the Green by City Hall 

5. Summer is great but even when it rains I can find something for us to do on a bike

Thanks @RedBicycle 

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