Sunday, July 1, 2018

Travel Bugs?

While I totally love to travel there are a few things I do not tolerate on said travels.

One of them is Bugs. Not Bugs Bunny but, insects in general.

Hence, I don't think I will be visiting Florida anytime soon and granted its not entirely localized to Florida. The increased global warming has all the bugs coming out and sayin' "Hey, We're Here and We'll Eat You Up!" 

So you should get a full body protection suit now and wear it all the time even if you are on vacation!

Here are a few tricks of the traveling trade to help you combat those with eight legs ( yes I made that rhyme and yes,  I did it sober ).

First, you should read the CDC Travel guides; this will also send you to the current alerts for certain areas

Next, if you are on a tour or guided outing check in with the tour company to see if they provide any information or supplies. You can very well walk thru the Amazon jungle wearing heels.

Now there is a lot of options from insect repellent clothing to clip on items that are discreet. From REI and LLBean
I know my mother loved the BullFrog sunscreen protection so I was overjoyed last year upon finding the sunscreen bug spray because Cutter does work or any individual bug repellent. Yet, I was outside and getting sunburnt along with a dozen bug bites ( don't go hiking when the bugs are out by a creek ).

Yes, having a clip on is great and the fan can be a little noisy but the thing is I needed refills
 which make this more investment than I found the convenience of just using a spray. 

The usual high time for bugs are evening walks especially by creeks but, say you are out at a ballgame 

 or cruising on a boat 

You may find bug repellent your best friend and that way you don't have to worry about being bite and you get to enjoy your time out and about!. 
(photos by unsplash and me)

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