Saturday, August 25, 2018


Hey ....

I have taken more pictures and am going to share some here

 Check out Soapof7 whom participated in a recent community event doing Terrariums which is a big hit with everyone who saw me with mine!.

Then of course I had to stop by Vintage Wine Merchants if just to enjoy some great wine and a combo meat / cheese plate that reminded me not all is lost 

I actually have been traveling a few more times to San Francisco and surprisingly every time I am at the San Francisco Ferry Building  has been a refuge for me. A friend noticed that I took the picture as both hands were on the 12 ...Strike some gold!

 I have been back to Stagnaro's on the Wharf on a day that it reminded me why I live where I live and where my church is. This day I was futile in capturing the sea lions putting on a show frolicking in the ocean near.

Brunching is a brunching between seeing people who admire to people to be admired I have decided to separate my mimosas to extend my breakfast / lunch gab fest.

Cookies sometimes you need some cookies to make it all better and it works for a while 
These were homemade and amazing. I shared them too. 

Sometimes its just me a little chick trying to find out what's going one 

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