Monday, October 22, 2018

Shoes and Toes

If you read my personal blog I have a problem, specifically two ...or ten if I am being honest. My pinkie toes will make my exploits stop in a heartbeat. I have nothing to do otherwise than lay around all day while my toes decide to wreck havoc on my otherwise immaculate travel plans ( stop laughing over there peanut gallery ).

Finding a pair of shoes is not hard its making them last the entire trip or worse just for a quick walk to the spot you need to be. I have also knee problems but that can wait for another post. Its really my toes and shoes.

First off, please understand Gout effects everyone completely and untimely reminder that the salt on the margarita is going to go straight to your big toe and apparently your pinkie toe can join in the fun of swelling up and taking your feet right out from under you. Treatments  can vary but the overall trigger is sodium so skip the salted chips and ask for no salt on that margarita.

Secondly, understand walking 10 miles for me is nothing but today I am lucky if I can get 6 miles in before my toes just say no. Several over the counter options from insoles to actual shoes  work. I have been to The Walking Company and found some nice shoes but I am not going to lie when I say I want to wear a 2 inch stiletto heel with a pointy toe. Its ridiculous that my toes are causing this much trouble!

Thirdly, walking sticks are probably my big lifesaver that can collapse and also help me get around the bend so to speak. That is until I hit my pinkie toe with one.

Basically, Get your feet checked by a podiatrist and you may have to go to an orthopedic doctor because of how weight is distributed on your feet. I am lucky in the sense I can see both in the same office space and they both told me my feet will change with treatment.

Treatment honestly get a pedicure even if you are not getting your toes painted having your feet soak and removing calluses will make a huge difference on how your shoes fit your feet.
I lost over 40lbs my shoe size changed when I gained the weight back your feel will change too.
Do feet exercises and this is important taking a few minutes to make sure your feet work

 Thanks Caroline Jordan  for a great video

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