Monday, November 5, 2018

Hamburger and French Fries

I readily admit my diet is not the best for someone over 40 years old.
Yet, most of my diet does consist of Coffee, French Fries, Chicken, Ice Cream and Hamburgers. I have Raisin Bran in the morning with Bagels and cream cheese.
Recently, I had Cheeseburger at Sylvester's and trust me their sauce is the sauce you want to come in a bottle and have regularly like a good Cabernet Sauvignon.

 Taking the time to actually craft a sandwich is worth the effort to sit and look around at all the birthdays you will see celebrated (fyi you get a free burger for your birthday).
This spot deserves the highlight because they have assorted french fries ..yes, I was considering only ordering Sweet Potato and Garlic Fries with my regular fries but that will happen soon enough ( keep an AED at the ready ).
There is THE FIVE POUND BIG ONE where you will enjoy if there is six other people with you.

Sincerely, good hamburgers are hard to come by and the french fries oh the hot french fries good.

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