Monday, November 12, 2018

Wine and Meat

The compliments of wine is that it will enhance or be enhanced by a partner. Granted, just like humans wine can stand alone but don't let that stop you from finding its perfect pair.

I was so fortunate to learn about wine and meat recently on a trip where I (FINALLY) got to Serrano Wine and they had Taylor Made Livestock in the room too. 

 The Tim Taylor curated the sausage from his own herd of hogs utilizing the Serrano Horcrux wine all the processing is done locally and strict quality control. 

As you can see from the photo these guys are use to working hard even when they are comparing music lists and the local flavors. 
 Stopping in to the shop you will find couches to lounge on and ambiance galore plus the wine is good too. 

The opportunity to meet locals is important as just about every local stops by here so if you are looking for a great wine and some real 411 check into Serrano Wine. 

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