Monday, December 3, 2018

Just Donate It All Away

Okay, so like my life is not as great as I would like it to be.
One thing I have had to do is start downsizing again. This process is very precarious for me because I can purge everything even somewhat valuable things. I will toss away clothes and pictures.
Yet, I still had like 10 pounds of bank statements to shred ( TEN POUNDS ) which was liberating.
and still I have to be cautious.
I have done some time where my shelves were bare...barren...empty which is why I would end up at the different places eating a ton .

Money is great but having shredded ten pounds of paper, donated over five pairs of slightly worn shoes, volunteered for numerous events I figure I should let you in on the opportunity to give it all away.

Dogs, seriously support Dogs like Spike's K9 Fund

Sloths are like ourselves and we must protect them plus they swim ! Donate to The Sloth Institute

The next generation, the last generation but its this Resource Generation that you should support

Support The CommunityFund making a difference and growing the community.

One more Caleb Kids Foundation is doing good for the future and today.

*pictures by unsplash links on instagram*

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