Sunday, December 23, 2018

No Gifts

Dear Reader,

The year end list is here and I have checked it twice.

Do I have shelter? Yes.
Do I have food? Yes.
Do I have good health (aside from my feet, knees and bad eyesight) ? Yes.

Do I have work? Yes.
Do I have friends? Yes.

I think its rather greedy of me to want a dog but I still don't have a dog.

I called family up on a Saturday and explained that this year there will be no Christmas Gifts.

Gun Violence.

Tragedy struck every corner of the world and it is senseless to me for those whom have so much to want more. 
The lists  for toys or drones or even doggies seems too much to bear so, in sincere gratitude please donate  your time and money and support for causes you care about that serve the community as a whole.

Donating to a political party is not tax deductible neither is a donation to a SUPERPAC or political candidate that is literally throwing your money away because you can not match the money coming from NRA or Big Business.

Make sure you support things you like in my case dogs, music, and a whole lot more.


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