Monday, December 10, 2018

Please Remember the Men and Women that Fight.

It might have been a minute but, the reality is California (yes, the entire STATE OF CALIFORNIA) has been on fire at one point or another for about three years. 

I wish I was joking. 

I am not. 

From the Oregon Border to San Diego, California has been set aflame. While this is a new reality because of global warming, antique power structure and arsonist there is one group of people that need your help more than anyone else. 

The Fire Fighters themselves. 

Many, many times ( too many honestly ) the fire would take a home that belonged to a Fire Fighter that was battling the blaze. 

I can tell you about Cal Fire. I can tell you about the numerous engines and pilots that battled blaze after blaze. 

I would be remiss not to mention how many fire fighters came from all over the United States and Canada.   

So, I ask that you please support your local fire fighters they do a job that very few people can do. 

Worse, over 50% of the regular calls for a Fire Station do not actually involve a fire but, medical emergency or a gas leak or a literal cat in a tree

Fire Fighters have to train for events that don't involve fire fighting and recently were targeted in domestic violence where water lines were cut while responding to a riot fire. 

A majority of fire stations are older and made in an era where some of the newer FireTrucks can not fit into. 

This is your reminder and nudge to donate to your local fire station, volunteer for a BBQ, or simply support their tireless efforts for doing so much for so many ( the average fire station serves close to ten thousand residents with a staff of 12 people ).

*photos by unsplash links websites and youtube*

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