Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Road Trip Music

ryan stefan : unsplash

I don't know about you, but every year the holiday music starts way too early for me. This year especially so, when heading on a road trip I am adding some mix to the listening mix with a little DJSpankMaster Boogie

The Museum album is a mix of the music orgins for today's hip hop and rap. Complete with a romantic beat that makes me wish the 70's never ended. A lot of the Museum mix includes soul reminscent of why I love the Rolling Stones Exile from Main Street album.

DJ Spank Master Boogie has been working hard on the east coast from Miami to Las Vegas he has been there and back managing local events and working with special people. I was happy to connect with him via social media when I found his music from the Swampland Chronicles.

What really was fun was one night I got in the back of an rideshare and started to hear probably my most favorite track Complimentary Wine and Cheese.

So, while I adore the Peanuts Christmas Song and Jimmy Buffett Christmas album, this year I am adding to the mix with some DJSpankMaster Boogie. Maybe the drive to Grandma's house won't be so bad.

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