Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Sincerely, Give What You Can

I do not have to cajole you to give, donate, support a cause you regularly appreciate.
I can tell you the benefits and I can share the opportunities.
But here's some proof anyway because while throughout 2018 I took time, effort and monetary funds to make a difference in a world that at times appeared to be in direct conflict with humane efforts to survive.

Just wanted to let you know I do donate even in Puerto Rico
— Patricia Swim (@SwimPatricia) December 24, 2018

I have given in some ways that is not enough. 

Whether volunteering or donating or promoting it is still not enough. 

You have to find it for you. 

What amount? What deed ? What can you do when your world feels like its imploding but in reality you are not that bad off. 

From a Wine Walk benefiting Bill Wilson Center to purchasing a dog toys to donate to humane society.
To Tweeting about dogs, cats, horses being relocated from the fires
To buying a sandwich to drinks that the tab benefits something more than you. 
There is a dozen ways to make a difference. 
To supporting and joining in the arts there was a opportunity to connect with your community one way or another. 
What I am typing out so furiously is that being altruistic is not a bad thing but the practice and the pudding show up in the end. 

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