Sunday, December 30, 2018

What's Next?

The line at the end of most conversations portrayed by Martin Sheen on The West Wing was "What's Next?" 

The question or statement as it appeared at times prompted me to think about this space and what I want to do with it. 

Unfortunately, blogger is not a popular profile. I am constantly, if not reprimanded repeatedly to invest in a website and branch further than the space allows. 
Granted, no profiles or platforms are a shoo-in for instant success anymore. 
I have to invest funds in advertising, equipment, representation in the arenas to actually get to where I think I want to go. 

This year I spent the beginning frantically trying to build a profile and base. I was told to get ring lights and an Ipads, I was told to join platforms and events that sincerely cost more money than it was worth

I had to focus on that group, this task and give this amount of money. 

Honestly, spending $1500 on a home computer / video production setup sounded absurd to me. 

Partnering with influencers and investing money in an Twitter / Tumblr Advertising campaign sounded so foreign to me. 
This blog is literally and has always been my little soap box on the Internet highway where I stand with a megaphone to get attention as the hurricane of opportunities blows right by me. 

I find it appalling to promote luggage when children are shot in school. 
I can not stomach the promotion of a product when there is a fire literally taking out a an entire National Park. 
I refuse to promote your subscription box when people are dying in cars because the housing is outrageous. 

So, I found I can do once a week. I can type up reviews, music and destinations. I have joined AirBnb. 

I also found out I have to get another website not sure what that is going to look like. 
I like to introduce events to plan around and places to visit for a film festival or two (wink). 

I know what works for me. I am not a model turned blogger turned influencer. 

I know I want to learn and take more chance to succeed. 

I also know I want a dog so badly I bought Osso toys that literally he finished in a day ... a day. 

What is Next? 
I will continue to post once a week. 
I will probably still use Unsplash more and more. 
I will probably post about wine, music, experience renting, and AirBnB. 

When I get a website and when I have something exciting to share I will share it with you. 

Right now, posting once a week is what I got in me. 

Be Good.

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