Monday, January 7, 2019

2018 In Pictures : Review

Hi, I am back here posting weekly and we'll see how it goes.
Enjoy this review of 2018 with pictures ....

I finally got January started complete with sparkling wine and Cards Against Humanity attempt at humor to make a difference in an indifferent world. 
Honestly, if there was one update there was a monthly update that made no difference in how many updates you had to do. 
 February reminded me about my community and the great opportunities to be found. From Music to Film to places we find ourselves. Community was something to remember. 

Then March 2018 started I went from there to here to there avoiding my aging process reminding me I am so much older. I avoided a lot of things while at the same time so active so ontop of it all. It was a time and place that made me remember I got this.

 April 2018 Housing and Comic Con there was a lot to chat about and talk about but nothing left me so harried was the Cinequest ending then take a breath and ComicCon start. I literally was running around so much I got hurt. I just did what I could 

Okay, on problem with this blogspot platform is photos don't sit well and is one of the reasons I have to look into a full fledge website so I am going to stop here and post a few more parts ...but 2018 in Pictures will be thing too!...

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