Monday, January 21, 2019

Corkscrew This

I found myself rich in value of three waiter corkscrews and honestly I couldn't begin to tell you the difference except these were indeed different. Waiter Corkscrews have and are an industry standard. I remember being frightened to use one until I learned how efficient the process was made to opening a bottle of wine with one was. 

Do I carry a waiters' corkscrew with me? No. 
Why? In part because I don't want to lose it. 
Secondly, I am not opening up a bottle of wine every 5 minutes ( FYI- that is the average for a bartender on Friday and Saturday night ). Finally, I have a fondness for BonnyDoonVineyard anew with their fizzy pinks. 

These canned wine are  perfect for the beach trips to sit and relax out there looking out onto the ocean and ponder what rate the global warms or how to take over the globe. 

I digress let's get back to the differences of a waiters corkscrew before I forget. 

From the weight to the auger length will be your preference but I found these to be simply fine and yet completely different from design to functionality. 
Even if I disregarded the design and gave 50% of the factor of functionality based on the user ability I still found a distinct difference from weight to lengths. 

The average cork is no more than 3 inches so why do people look for a long auger in the first place is it visually appealing or does a longer auger prevent the dreaded broken cork? 
Or worse a reason to aerate a bottle of wine so you need a decanter handy. 
Now, I am avoiding discussing the winged contraption that is a safer option to open wines when I say cork in wine but the reality is if you knew your mechanics you wouldn't need more than 2 inches to pull a cork out of a bottle but who says size doesn't matter. 
The next worse conversation is the double or single bootlever. A single is what the purple corkscrew displays and a double bootlever is preferred especially if you are not comfortable utilizing a waiters corkscrew. 
This brought me to the weight and feel of the waiters corkscrew. Yes, metal is heavier but the foil cutter or knife was a factor too. That brought up design. Design is compact but bulky, design colorful versus functionality. 

Most waiters corkscrews are the same five inches to fit in your hand some are a full six to eight inches with a thick design. 
When I travel on wine trips or go to industry meetings I would always find at least one waiters corkscrew in my swag bag. 
Going out to the beach almost required a waiters corkscrew to be the ultimate tool from opening beer bottles to cutting open goodies. 

There is no question having an waiters corkscrew in my emergency pack is essential because I have all three from a plastic one from the Dollar Tree to a branded, heavy metal one from an industry event. These are tools that make wine better to enjoy. 

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