Monday, January 14, 2019

Pictures of 2018 : Review 2

Some more snapshots from 2018 ....a little bit of a story ...but mostly a memory. 

May 2018 caught us all sleeping from trying to get to the day to day to mixing it up ...I found taking naps was awesome even though I didn't know what to do except look up.

June and the events start in full force. Summer started what had to be my busiest season for going to and from and being on the scene. 

 July to September meant event after event then the event that made me put a lot on pause and have to deal with more than one should. 

The year end reminded me something that I didn't know I knew ...Me. I got me good. Self Doubt is a problem but let's be honest if I couldn't do it I wouldn't be here if I didn't do it. 
 The mask comes off and you shine ....I don't know who said that but it sounds appropriate. 

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