Monday, January 28, 2019

San Francisco Saturday Afternoon

Being a volunteer and a supporter of KQED I get to find out about great opportunities and events. I got to see the Season 3 Premier of Victoria and then Tea with The Dames at The Castro Theater  on a rainy Saturday.

Afterward I got to do one of my most favorite things ever to do. You see one of my siblings use to live in SF by Dolores Park so I would take Market Street as my main way to and from the train. Sure, there is homeless but the architecture, history, character the City can be.

I grabbed a cup of coffee at Ritual Coffee to ward off any need for a nap after sitting in the theater watching cinema royalty relate to millions. I started my trek that honestly was filled with characters, children, dogs, and a reminder why I love to do this. 

The fun part is grabbing a bite to eat in the history of the city. A simple cup of chowder with the accent of bubbles with Fish and Chips can make a rainy day seem magical . 

I continue on my walk as it turns dark which isn't as bad because the hush comes over the city that only you hear is the whoosh of the city with cars buzzing by as more people come out and about. You see a simple store front being swept up. 

One more dog 
One more church before I hop onto transit and find myself on my way home. 

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