Friday, January 4, 2019

Unite In Rock

The band Trenched released a 17-track record, United in Rock; that harkens back to the early aughts rock and roll collaborations.

The songs start on range from ADD Superhero, an attempt to fight off the 90’s grunge rock to ending with Fly My Angels, a melody of hope for the unlimited future.

Repeating 4-line chorus tends to grate my nerves but, if I were road tripping from Eureka to Santa Barbara these 17 tracks would be shuffled with my more eclectic mix of Kings of Leon and Rolling Stones.

I constantly am reminded through the 17 tracks of a Keith Richards-eque solo guitar work that is echoed in the background and I want to hear more of.

I am still trying to get thru some of the middle of the album as I try to decipher a story being told. I try to attribute a story to every song but, the song just maybe a snapshot in time which doesn’t help some of the more emotional vocals.

PC Puppet sits in my head way too long as I try to apply it to something more than bias experienced by the performer. Dirty Secret, Pop A Pill, and Icons sound out of place but maybe the mix is right if the vocals just didn’t repeat over like whack a mole …a chorus would need to fleshed out more in my opinion.

I still look for a story instead of these polaroids of time snapped during a long night in front of a coral of stool pigeons with fickle ears that only give tips to the dance numbers.

I will listen again and mix it in the road trip cd but, Trenched has a great story to tell which would serve its audience better.

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