Monday, February 11, 2019

Socializing : Products That Count and Headspace

While I tend to try to be glamorous I am a nerd at heart out of my adoration to learn stuff. Products That Count meets that need for me. This time I got to learn about Headspace and the use of Voice. Did you know at the 2019 CES show there would be over 1500 products that will respond to voice commands? Yeah, your refrigerator is talking to you. 
Check out some of the pictures after the jump.


Showing up at the host location you can pick your choice of seats but the best part is meetup with other members see where they are going and sometimes hold an audience with the organizer SC Moatti who holds court really well. 

One thing is there is always enough food and drink on hand for the events. 
In addition to the open networking opportunity. 


How business works and products in particular is a learning opportunity about how to get things done. 
I have heard from Instagram, Medium, Ebay, and I have met new and upcoming business products that represent the wide opportunity to serve. 

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