Monday, February 25, 2019

Space and Color

You may know I have joined the SV Concierge and I participate with AllThingsMeetings events. I recently attended an homesharing Experience event. I learned a lot from how to make an experience in a short amount of time to what do you expect when you travel?

I learned I am very, very particular traveler and equally I am way out of my depth when staging a space for someone to visit. From size of bed to smells there is a lot that goes into the experience for travelers. As part of an exercise our leader asked us to take pictures of what a place looks like and if we would visit.

Check it out after the jump.

First thing first, what does an entry look like ?
 It had been raining lately and I am all for contrasting colors. So, if I did have a black and white I would throw in greys, reds, and blues if I could.

Space is important and when making people feel welcomed even in a rented space requires a sense of home. 
Equally, what do you want when you wake up in a new place
Coffee, Water, Mimosas?

Trust me, what hotels do is something you have to do better. From assorted teas and coffees with a Keurig coffee machine to delivery of Fresh Fruit, Mimosas, and floral arrangements.

An attempt is fine for family but, when you are paying for an experience you have to expect more than a hotel you can't leave the fixing out 

My instructor gave me a C for effort and the use of color with contrasting Red and Yellow. I got the settings right except the food has to be done almost prior to the guests wake up or at a designated time. You can't scramble eggs while they look on in their pajamas. 

Equally, will you co-host, are you independent to meet the wide variety of needs ( ADA Compliance, Special needs, HOA approval ). One market that is needing Experiences is the elderly is your activities suited for them? 
A lot of questions are asked and very few are answered with yes. I hope to share some of my Experiences with you here but for now ...and get the fancy frosted cinnamon rolls from Costco next time ( yes that is what Hotels do). 

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