Monday, February 18, 2019

Travel : Apps and People

I do travel a lot actually but, here are some apps and people for you to check out too. 

First up, if you follow me on Youtube, you know I adore Tyler Travels 

Next, you will probably find this out or you know me already but for an app AirBnB can be an absolute life saver. From doing Experiences to finding a very quick comfy bed to stay in while trying to get back to work on Monday is a great deal. 

The next person I follow is Rachelle Lucas behind The Travel Bite, her packing lists are fun and reasonable. 

Apps take up memory so be sure to pick and choose wisely because sure you can download the hotel app, then the location app, then the dinning app and before you know it your getting Memory full notification and your mobile phone battery is at 4%. 

Tip : Download the app but remember to delete it unless you know you are coming back within 30 days. Seriously, because of security problems alone don't keep apps on long after you stopped using them. 

Trail Wallet is for Apple IOS only still but I fell in love with the fact it really kept me on my toes for my travel budget. This helps maintain the basics of traveling because lets admit it my budgeting skills are in need of some help.

Next, I am single and so I am part of Single Travel International 

Okay, usually I am not in a rush nor do I mind being delayed maybe I am weird that way. The next App AirHelp is a bit new to me. Again, I am happy to take a free hotel night or an extra ticket for later but, some people want their money back period 
( fyi, before you purchase your flight to Atlanta during a snow storm double check if its refundable BEFORE you purchase it! - Common Sense ). 
At 25% fee of ticket refund I am not willing to pay that right away I mean there is a fee ontop of the 25% from my bank and now I am on some list with another provider. 
Yet, it worked for a friend who had to leave Coachella early so give it a shot. 

I will update this list or introduce you to more as the year goes on. 

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