Monday, February 4, 2019

What I am Drinking : Serrano Wine

I am giving serious consideration to Paso Robles as a new abode to be part of. Its all so scary and disconcerting moving away from the place I known for 20 years, well 40 years if I am honest it would 37years. Not really relevant but still, thinking.
One reason I want to go is that there is always growth there and one place that caught my eye on Twitter was Serrano Wine.
I got a pack for the holidays and enjoyed the bottles very much.

The Liquid Luck and Firebolt were my favorites from deep color of firebolt to the depths of flavor with Liquid Luck. 
I don't know why but I don't have a picture of the Horcrux wine  that came in the three pack for the holidays. 
I enjoyed these wines with meals and movie night watching Gone with the Wind and The Wizard of OZ. 
Pairing cheese I admit I eat what I like and a little gorgonzola makes me smile
I have to admit enjoying life is good and its a matter of finding that in a glass which Serrano Wine comes very close to!

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