Friday, March 8, 2019

Movie Review : Captain Marvel

Okay, let's get this out of the way ....I watch movies ...A LOT OF MOVIES. At one point about six years ago I thought I would start a whole new blog on movies and reviews and movie stuff. I canned the idea in part because it required me to have a lot more capital that I had and time.
Yes, it takes TIME ( approximately 120 minutes ) to actually watch the movies. It was tempting to join the UNION but I just did not want to exert that much work into something I enjoy.

I really do enjoy the process of movie making and the end result. Sincerely, since I got the commentary of the first original Resident Evil I have been literally hooked on it.

So, I have seen movies that are controversal and I have seen movies that are nothing but hype. When I got the invite for Captain Marvel I held my breath.

This is a storied film that only is coming to the screen as an answer to a question can a Disney Princess be a Space Hero.
Okay, that is not true but that is what this film feels like.
Sincerely, if you look at the whole film there is three, Four? competing studios trying to get their two cents in.
Brie Larson had nothing better to do and signed on for this franchise that well she got what she wanted right? A female Space Hero that is so amazing nothing can stop her.
Its like when Anne Hathaway lobbied to get an Oscar, which she won but at what cost?
The story doesn't hook me literally I am not invested in Captain Marvel ... I am more invested in Goose and Fury team up or Veers and Fury Space cops.
I don't know after a while I just was like "Okay, and Then? "
Taking away the commentary noise this movie had so much studio input and obvious rewrite, reshoot and redos that I am surprised Brie Larson even bothered to do a press junket she couldn't do anything in this film except be stoic and that is fine, but the point of being a Disney Princess is to have a vulnerability like Lilo or Moma or Merida. 
She has none she just has this memory loss - um weak plot point. 

My biggest problem is that sure the film is suppose to be set in 1995 its 2019 and we still remember the 90's ( often in fashion ) and we have Supergirl on the WB ...Carol Danvers as in Alex Danvers or Kara Danvers ...and Annette Bening is fine I am sure her backstory isn't interesting ( or would have been more interesting ????) its just a cheap toss away scene when its revealed. 

I will watch it again but I won't be holding my breath I will probably admit that Hollywood is so patriarchal that its foot is perpetually in its mouth. 

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