Friday, March 1, 2019

The Flip Side #WhatRealityIs

As you may already know blogging is at its basic nature writing a lot of thoughts online. 
What you may not know is people are making a lot of money doing just that. 
What you may also not know is it takes a lot of time. 
Also, my altruistic nature doesn't always equate to a higher sense of self. 
The fact is to get a simple article or spotlight done you have to work at it. 
What Angle?
Does it involve Travel?
Who is the target audience? 
Do you want to get a sponsor before or after the article? 
Do you share the article? 
Do you have the time to do the article and is the subject available?
Yes, most of the time I am typing from my own experience because my life is SO INTERESTING!
The reality is I can tell you about wine and events and other stuff but, that also takes time. 
One you have to taste the wine at least some of it and sinus infections pretty much impair any wine drinker to water. 
You have to attend an event to be able to relate it to a reader whether its interesting or not to you calling in sick on a travel symposium isn't optional. 
Also, giving money away and donating time does not guarantee you a seat at the table with the more professional bloggers. 

I was all prepared to go to the Cambria Film Festival  when the weather literally would not make it possible to enjoy due to torrential rain storm and I had to work on Friday. 
Then the three day President's Day Weekend when there was so many events to go to I was really excited only to come down with a sinus infection and head cold flu that made moving nauseous. 
I had to throw up my hands because one of the items on my list was to update my Experiences with more pictures and after planning out a series of scenes that took up to 3 hours to set up the professional photographer cancelled. 
I do know better because one thing I admit to is giving away time and money from volunteering to donating. So here I was into the New Year so proud I donated to a nonprofit for dogs in another state when Amazon was kind enough to remind me it was their birthday! Awesome Right ? ! 
Not Exactly see I looked through all my donations I made and came to find I didn't get a note of thanks from all but one or two? Yes my paypal receipt is the only thing i need for taxes but if I am going to be on their mailing list now till eternity I should expect a note of gratitude, No? 

So the reality is you have to network that means 
going to events with sponsors, finding an editor and finding an agent, pouring money into what looks like a bottomless pit with camera equipment, computer and software, and actually learning how to edit said pictures, videos and buying ad space on platforms. 
I didn't even touch on the critics out there and trust me they exist even for instagram stories where apparently my asthma kicks up and I have pulmonary disease I should get treated.

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