Monday, April 15, 2019

Cinequest Movie Festival

This year I got to participate with Cinequest  as an attendee not someone's assistant. Though I had the opportunity to do an Experience I passed in part because I wanted to know what I could actually accomplish during the 14 days ( plus I was going to SLOFilmFestival too - I seriously needed a clone )

One thing I learned was to schedule my time wisely. I was seriously already overbooked on Tuesday, March 5th the actual opening of the Festival ( three networking events plus a wine ) so I had to go into my calendar and manage my time way past effectively. The hardest part was because I was taking public transit the second item was the weather - dressing up at work didn't really leave a way to get my hair done if my "commute" was a full hour.

Fortunately, this year I got to utilize the Redwood City location I caught up on the Shorts Programs and meet up with some people too.

Aside from meeting film makers I got to support the local scenes and be scenes.
This film festival started 1990 and to think its going to be 2020 next year this festival just keeps getting better and better.
Be sure to look in your neighborhood for film festivals happening that you can volunteer for because that is the really amazing of the volunteers from way back when Cinequest started has had a film premiere at that very festival just a few years ago. Local does local!

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