Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Film Festival All Year Long ? YES !

While I am incredibly overwhelmed by the prospect of going to another series of film festivals its very much possible I will be indoors this summer more than outdoors. 
So, let's look at May to December Film Festivals ( and yes, you might find me at one or three! ) 

Let's be honest, I am not going to Cannes Film Festival for two weeks in France ( YET???!!)
But you might find me at the following in May
Seattle International Film Festival runs May 16th to June 9th nearly every hot film maker has shown here and trust me there is some new blood in this years line up. 
The San Francisco Documentary Film Festival runs May 29th to June 13th will probably feature your favorite crime podcast documentary on the big screen. 

In June head to the underground literally at the 26th Chicago Underground Film Festival  running June 5th to 9th and rediscover the amazing art in filmmaking. 
The DeadCenter Film Festival is June 6th to June 9th in Oklahoma City and its a great opportunity to find out what makes dead a great festival for film.

Hit the beach on the Jersey Shore in July and go to the Indie Street Film Festival July 24th to 28th in Red Bank New Jersey. 
Extend your stay in Martha's Vineyard and stay for August where you can go Rhode Island International Film Festival August 6th to August 11th.

Forgo Burning Man and kick of September in a cool movie theater in Telluride, Colorado ! The Telluride Film Festival is akin to Sundance but it really is better than Burning Man running August 30th to September 2nd. 

Before you start carving a pumpkin go to Nashville, Tennesse from October 3rd to 12th for the Nashville Film Festival 50th Celebration. 
Then head over to Vermont for the Vermont International Film Festival running October 17th to 27th. 

Only two more months left in the year but, you wouldn't worry about decorating trees just yet as you head to the AFIFest November 14th to 21st in Hollywood, CA 

Finally, on December 7th come over and we'll go to BASH Bay Area Short Film Festival.

*photos I taken during the two film festivals :)
** I am probably never going to be allowed on any red carpets 

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