Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Santa Cruz! Wharf

When I moved back to California in 1997 I got a job "over the hill" in Santa Cruz. I was fortunate to work and live within a stones throw of the Pacific Ocean. My "commute" was West Cliff Drive, I worked at Marini's on the weekends and had a regular job Monday to Friday.

Now, I just walk West Cliff Drive then I head over to Stagnaros on the Wharf and chat with the birds. There is so much more to Santa Cruz but these are my favorite spots ...



You get to join your lunch with a bird but you must be sure to stop by Marini's on the way out because its so good.
You can take a boat around the inlet of Santa Cruz enjoying a frolicking resident dolphins and support a great organization too.


Santa Cruz is steep in tradition with the sea from protecting it to fearing it taking over the coast. There is always something to do there.
I know I should type more about the business and community leaders but, let's be honest I should type about what I know, right?

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