Friday, April 26, 2019

So Good ...Imperfect Produce

I am moving out of my little abode and so until I am settled I actually will have to stop my Imperfect Produce for a while and trust me its been fabulous. Seriously, Fabulous. I figure I saved about $150 a month getting my produce thru the service. There was a week all I ate was veggies ( no thanks to Beyonce and Jay-Z) I made soups, roasted potatoes and yams. I figured out Cauliflower and Kale plus the fruit saved me one weekend as I had a head cold.

Seriously, get some Imperfect Produce


I got really serious with it when I was ordering extra stuff just so I didn't go to the grocery store
I was able to incorporate the tomatoes and italian parsley in my regular cooking abilities .


Every other Thursday I found myself wondering how many carrots I would eat and what can I do with grapefruits, apples and radishes.
Equally, I was helping a community of farmers that were already providing great food via farmer's markets too. It was great to meet up with one or two and you can read about it too here 
I know I will sign up again but for right now till I get settled I have to stop and trust me I don't want to.

Post Script: This box can be delivered to your work too and this makes it easier to share too!

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