Monday, May 6, 2019

Professional and Personal Travel

Okay, the last trip I did not pack well infact, I failed at packing because I forgot my laptop charger !!!

Here are a few ways to practice the traveling makes you better 

Check out Edwards Everything Travel  from luggage to demonstrations you will learn the in and out of packing your GoBag!

Secondly, I know my pictures are not great infact my practice needs practice. Check out Mike's School Camera School .

Next, one thing during a Film Festival or Wine Event I found myself in need of a good suit getting one is actually easy check out Get It Custom with a tailor like Kahn Tailor  . I actually met a producer soaked from the rain in jeans and a t-shirt not a great impression. 

Learn how to travel wherever as a Sustainable Tourist  understanding your impact whether on a cement jungle or an actual jungle is important. 

**Thanks to Unsplash for the photos 

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