Monday, May 20, 2019

Revisiting Films

As you may be aware I attended a few film festivals this year including Cinequest and San Luis Obispo Film Festival among others I supported like Cambrian and Poppy Jasper in Morgan Hill, CA. 

I would like to share with you some links to the films I got to see and some films you should be on the look out for :

First up  Travel Ban: Make America Laugh Again this film is surprisingly insightful because while its 2019 ..this is experience from 2001 and on. Please spread the word about this film and be on the look out for it at your local film festival. 

Next, Rich Kids written and directed based on a true life story in Texas. This is one of those films that require a personal viewing and you can do it with Gathr

Up next is perfect for our culture of social media connection The Social Ones  while totally satirical look at the need for followers its lesson is anyone can do this ...really anyone. 

Socially we must realize that we have to have some compassion and Chocolate was my favorite because it is based in the real life experience of individual frailty  of our minds. 

Inspiration was forefront in all my experience of going to film festivals this year and Unstoppable: Bethany Hamilton is one that makes you rethink a lot about your preconceived notions about what you can do.

There are many, many more be sure to look up the film festivals programs and seek out smaller productions as many start out very much on a smaller scale. 

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