Monday, May 13, 2019

Wine and Wine Events and Why Wine?

I fully admit my adoration and study to wine is completely selfish. Yes, I am horrible snob but I make up for it by going out and trying to be social ...that works right ?

Whether the event is a fundraiser ( which it usually is ) or an Passport or just a Winemaker dinner do make the most of it and try to enjoy the wine and not swig it back serendipitously.


During one night I had several events to go to for wine A winemaker dinner, two fundraisers and one professional event.

 Usually, I am able to find a way to make my own wine tasting tour and still keep the goal in mind. Meetup with fellow supporters including local wine makers.

Yet sometimes I pause ever-so-slightly and try to just enjoy wine for what it is ...not romanticize it to Roman Gods to the modern day farmer who struggles with regulations and restrictions and competition that is vexing to say the least.

The thing is any wine event literally any from a wine walk to fundraiser at a winery are usually well attended affairs that allow one to indulge in the wine better qualities to liberate one from its wallet as you bid on a Basketball Jersey for $900 that will benefit the Education Fund of a local school district.

Wine is an alcoholic beverage that is now a distant cousin to smoking but don't worry wine is also has its health benefits so its not in danger well not exactly.

Take a Day Off Now with wine or not can enjoy such events without getting up into the wineverse. A lot of these events include

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