Monday, June 3, 2019

Driving vs. Transit

I admit I can walk about 10 miles before I start to say I should have stopped four miles ago. So, when Memorial Day weekend rolled around I was all prepared to walk thru vineyards, art shows, and maybe a trail or two. 

Reality was I went on a hotel treadmill for twenty minutes and was so frustrated that I ended up walking up and down four flights of stairs. 

That was in the first thirty minutes of my "vacay". 
Part of the reason for my frustration was I was stuck in traffic and not any normal traffic but where a thirty minute travel turned into 90 minutes. I was so frustrated sitting in traffic I called family members to ask them "Why do people drive?"

The thing that really, really annoyed me was the next day as I got to go out and do some vineyard traipsing what did I see...a convenient transit center not one block ( okay maybe three blocks ) away from my hotel. 

I started to try to justify my driving like could I have done all the fun stuff in 600 miles on transit ? ( hint: the answer is yes )
Could I have carried all the goodies with me ? ( Hint: Yup, I am part sherpa )
Would I be able to do all that I can do in whatever weather ? Probably. 

Considering the car rental and gas came to just over $300 I paid $2 per mile of a three-day weekend. 
What was my impact on the environment ? 
What was the carbon foot print going winery to winery ? 
What for all things holy did I try even try to get crammed into a winery that was way over packed? 

If you do visit me or I visit you ...unless its some unincorporated place like the MOON ! Do look at transit options like even Highway 17 bus got turned around when the freeway closed due to down power lines. 

*Thanks Unsplash for the photos !

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