Monday, July 15, 2019

Thoughts about Peet's Coffee

Seriously, I like Peets Coffee might be the best thing sometimes 

Coffee is just hot water sifted thru ground up beans to make a beverage right? 
Maybe, Coffee has taken on an aura of connecting people to the planet from where the beans come from to how you prepare the deep auburn colored liquid.

 I almost always get my mocha with whipped cream so the 200 plus calories are added, but given the current state of affairs I think that is a small amount compared to eating a hamburger. 
Now I admit going to other coffee shops and they do not have whipped cream (for SHAME ! ) I get a little design instead ( its just not the same ...but okay ).

In closing, I appreciate all the information about drinking coffee but whether its good or bad for us could we just stop and enjoy a cuppa coffee? 

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