Saturday, August 24, 2019

On Request : Carla Elektra

Today, Tonight ...All The Time Music is a soundtrack to the tweets and pictures posted on social media the reflection of the era where people are coming together. 

Carla Elektra track "Feel Good" is the EDM evolution born out of the current state of the world. Crying glitter the accompanying music video is a perennial dream of everyone escaping the daily commute.
I half expected the BBC One Character Villanelle to show up and laugh at us. Exotic tattoos cover Carla as she guides the listener to the dance floor to join in a bohemian carnival. Elektra's voice makes you dance the night before the house lights turn on and we meander back to the absurdity of current autocrat trying to purchase whole countries because its Tuesday**. 

Pick up Carla Elektra today, add it to kick off your Saturday night mix because we only have 36 hours till Monda.*

Artist: Carla Elektra
Producer: Daniel Siqueira
Publisher: WinterKill Music (BMI)
Label: Miami2Vegas

Carla Elektra
is a international singer | dj | performer | model who has released her debut single entitled "FEEL GOOD".
Brazilian roots with soul, funk, breaks and disco in her live sets as a dj makes her a stunning and trailblazing radio and pool side specialist. 

Instagram @caelektra
Instragram @miami2vegasmusic

*Purposely left off the y because ...I can 

** Tuesday...

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