Saturday, December 21, 2019

An Oldie but a Goodie

Are you ready for 2019 to end ...well you got 9 more days to start saying Happy New Year and if anything has taught us this year 9 days are an effing long time! 

So, as I enjoy my pajamas and noshing on a box of See's Candy ( originally planned gift for someone else ) I thought about some of my favorite blog posts

Now, I don't have my original blog PatriciaAppelquist any more and while I admit this year was the year I deleted both my Pinterest and Yelp pages ( Tumblr you hang in there with youtube posts ! ). 

There are a few blogs that I think you should check out, but let's be honest my favorite post is what to do on New Years Eve. 

Its Champagne, Popcorn, Board games, puzzles, fun food, and pajamas galore. 

Let's start with what you will need to do...
Get some Pajamas, preferrably fun ones but honestly if you can find comfy ones get comfy ones. 
Next, you will need some Peets Coffee, I can't believe it but I am starting to fall asleep at 9pm so, coffee would work too. 

Next, all my friends now have kids from 2years to 15years and I sadly can't party without them so some body pillows and a couple of air mattress work wonders so, everyone can spend the night. 
Now, get your grocery list and its very important you have all these ingredients: 

Champagne, Sparkling Wine
Water (Fruit, Sparkling, Still)
Chauterie fixings from Cheese to Olives to fakemeat 
Coca-Cola and 7up 
Bread lots of bread from fancy to honey wheat trust me toast is so much better in the morning. 
Fruit -Apples, Oranges, Grapes ( freeze a bunch for N/A drinks ) 
Salt / Pepper 

Okay, an easy noise maker ? Tape two red solo cups together and put marbles attach a bell to a cup and voila noise maker. 
Now invite a minimum of 20 people because only 6 will show at any given time during the night seriously unless you offer babysitting the adults will stop by for a timely wish and say goodbye .....its not you its the thirty other invites they got already. The ones looking to get away from family will bunk with you hence the air mattress and body pillows. 

Next don't start till 8pm ...unless you are the first stop and you are going to go out with everyone and come back to ring in the new morning. Seriously, I once started my party at 4pm only to have everyone show up at 8pm. 

YES YES!! if your guests want to bring something let them seriously and open it and share it ....sincerely they'll appreciate contributing. 

Have your favorite movie playing on a loop projected on a screen or a laptop (or have the six hour fire place going ) and in the other room have your Pandora creates activity. 

Finally, by 11:30pm pop your last batch of popcorn ( its great to throw around if you can't have noise makers ) fill the array of glasses with fizzy drink of choice from a mocktail to expensive french champagne. Turn down the lights and then at the strike of midnight turn the lights back up high. laugh and hugs are the best way to
celebrate in the new year.

Then have some blackeyed peas for good luck !!!

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