Sunday, January 5, 2020

Running and Reading

Well, its a new year so, I am going where? 
In circles. 🏃🚶
Not exactly, this year I have started two things that we'll see where I end up on December 31st 2020. 

First, its not really a surprise but, I am going to do the #2020ReadingChallenge. 

You can pick from whatever you like but, for me Good Reads I am still trying to figure out my Good Reads password but for the most part if you looked at some pictures from last year I am reading a book about one every two weeks. 

Next, She.Is.Beautiful is a great motivator to start
running this year there is a mileage club and trust me I am all for it. Now, I am more of a run / walk so I am looking forward to the Allstate Hot Chocolate race to kick off on Sunday, January 12th. 

From there we'll see how many miles in addition to walking I get. 

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