Monday, May 11, 2020

Thinking about vlogging


Quarantine Brain effects have finally started to wear off. I have gone thru about four phases where in the beginning I was proactive, exercising, thinking of my next move. Then after the first two weeks I got hella scared, like damn what is going to happen. I just finished Phase three where for about 10 days I had a serious case of #ADD like concentrating only to buy things online was all my attention span could handle and I watch 10000 of YouTube videos.
Now, Phase 4 what to do next? Go ahead and work for Amazon? Take a job that will possibly fire me in 6 weeks so they don't have to pay Unemployment benefits ( fyi that is actually happening in some parts ).

Or Vlog?
Not really up for that but I also hurt myself exercising and would need to see a chiropractor pretty soon but, I don't know about my health insurance.

Maybe I will do that tomorrow....remember staying focused is like exercising has to last about twenty minutes.

I hope you are doing okay.

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