Monday, June 8, 2020

I do not have the answers.


I am still here. 
I am still listening. 
I am still donating and supporting. 
I am still watching. 
I am still here. 

I wish posting links and directing you to other bloggers and people and websites would change over a century of injustices. 
The problem is I know that is not enough. 

For probably 20plus years I have been living by me for me do me by me from me. In that I had to examine how I have tried to help others and have I done enough. 

Did I speak up when I noticed a very monochrome workplace? 
Did I give people of color an opportunity when I had one to give? 
Did I protest, donate, support reforms to prevent or correct injustices? 

I know those answers and I know I have tried to do what I can the best way I can. I know I do not have the answers. 

I remember watching Rodney King getting beaten excessively. That was 1991. I knew that was wrong and I knew the verdict in that trial following that  was wrong. I know the number of times that law enforcement officer has stepped outside the bounds is way more than I can count on a good day. On a bad day, that count is in the 100's. 

I worked in East Palo Alto, I know first hand the gentification societal ingrained discrimination and the fight for a better community. 

I do not have the answers. 

I will still try to learn more. 
I will still try to give more. 
I will still listen. 
I will still support. 

I ask that you do too.

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