Saturday, July 4, 2020

On Request Trenched "Doves Of War"

Remember performance Rock Shows. It was something that happened when rock groups started to go on tour and there would be a performance that was unmatched. The Rolling Stones did it to a degree, but then came along Guns'N Roses with Slash and Axel Rose trying everything to get the audience to move as a body. Mosh pits formed and fans remembered being EXHAUSTED from going to a Great Rock Show. 

That is what I can imagine from the music of Trenched "Doves of War" music a complete stage of people running around performing musical acts akin to what it would be like for that guitarist on Mad Max "Fury Road" flaming guitars, drums that when hit would splatter different colors of liquid. Possibly there be an exploding piano.

Originally, recorded 6 years ago this album features with DJ Spankmaster Boogie on Combat Solider, one of the few standouts. This track gets a repeating backbeat to calm down so the vocals can be heard. 

Overall, this album suffers from being 6 years old and not having a video game to release it to which is probably where I would actually have marketed this album to.  Though it is #2020 artists are digging up past music recordings and releasing them not realizing that the newest Apple Laptop could remix it better for a release on Bandcamp

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