Monday, September 7, 2020

Running Virtual Races and Travel Plans Made

 Well, I have the Bay to Breakers Race starting Sept 20th, and the next weekend after that I am moving into a new abode ( city and zip code :P).

Then its a full month before I spend some "literal" downtime in a hotel. I am super super excited no less. 

Though I am more concerned with the hotel reservation than anything. I am pinching a few more pennies because I just want to go "chillax" and hopefully the fires and heat wave will end by that time and maybe just maybe some Holiday Cheer can start? 

In the meantime, I am working and prepping for the race though I have learned I don't really run. I need to do 8 miles to do the Bay to Breakers and my "plan" was to do some this weekend but, NOPE the heatwave kicked up and bad air from the fires plus everyone from Vallejo drove to San Francisco so that is a NO. 

I am going to try again next weekend to get some miles in but when the temperature gets over 85 I start to melt. 

I am getting a farmers almanac just in case. 

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