Monday, October 5, 2020

This blog will end December 31st 2020...sorry


Its been great time writing about travel and travel needs but, the reality is I have not traveled. 

Tonight, I just canceled my hotel rooms for the rest of the year. 

While I thought I could get out and about it looks as though the travel industry and wine industry are dove-tailing into a restrictive seasons and it will take about year maybe two before we see any recovery. 

Equally, while in quarantine I didn't maximize my travel know how. Since, I know a lot of people in the travel industry and wine industry I have heard some things that just tell me I should pull off the blog and maybe start something else somewhere else doing something else. 

I actually have been blogging since 2007 and it was a great time there is themes and money to be made. I am just not that way. I am still a kid on a soap box yelling into a microphone as the internet whizzes by. 

I will repost some favorite blog posts but the reality is I am done blogging until I can get a handle on what I want to do. 

Equally, I have considered moving to Cuba. The problem is tropical hurricanes it is something I have never had before experienced and from what I understand that Cuba is an island so there is that. 

I may end up in Mexico or Guam but, both have issues of their owns. 

So, be sure to find out what you need and want to do ....there is a difference between the two. 

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